Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Last Minute Bigfoot

After a long hike, I sneak off into the woods to relieve myself. I feel that old familiar feeling that I am being watched. I take out my iPhone and start snapping photos. I capture a Bigfoot hiding in thick vegetation.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Campground Bigfoot on Backtrail Camera

Labor Day weekend 2016. I was hiking the trails around the campground where we were staying. This area has a history of Bigfoot activity. Back in 2011 while staying at the same campground I was able to capture some very good footage of a Bigfoot on these same trails.

On this day I was hiking alone and using my backtrail camera to film behind me. I almost immediately got that creepy feeling I was being watched when I started my hike. I was able to catch this round fuzzy headed Bigfoot looking at me from the dense foliage.

An interesting feature about my video capture is the Bigfoot in the video resembles the Randy Brisson Bigfoot picture taken in 2009. Below are the two photographs side by side.

 Below is the video of the Bigfoot

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting - Old Gray

Actual gift - Wild Mint
I had a brief sighting of a Bigfoot that I have had multiple encounters with through the years. It lives in a certain area of the National Park. I was first introduced to him when I was left a gift of wild mint on top of a small rock stack. While I was narrating the find on video he snuck up from behind me and I captured a few frames of video of him. Fast forward a couple years later in the same location and again I am doing a video concerning the gift leaving incident. 

Actual Still Capture
And again while I am filming myself the “Old Gray One” as I call him, was behind me watching me flap my jaws. This video was HD and much better. I even caught movement as he turned from a profile to facing me, then he lowered his head down.

In this same area Les Stroud had a “mind speak” encounter in this same area while filming “Survivor Man Bigfoot” I suspect that the “mind speak” came for “Old Gray”.

Last weekend, 06/18/2016, my wife and I were in the same area and were taking a break on the trail to eat lunch. I had placed my camera off in the woods facing the opposite direction to film our blind side while we ate. I was sitting down and she was standing to my left with the ridge top trail behind her. I was putting the food away in my backpack and turned my head to talk to my wife when the Bigfoot stepped across the trail and down through the woods approximately 90 feet way. 

The encounter lasted but a few seconds as I was able to get a quick view of the upper torso and head from a side view. The encounter was so fast I did not even have time to react. It was there and then gone. No noise no smells, just like a ghost. Below is the video I recorded concerning the sighting immediately after it happen.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bigfoot in Odd Places

Toe imprints in my back yard
I decided to test out a new game camera on my back deck. I wanted to see how sensitive the PIR sensor was and how far the IR emitters would illuminate, etc. It has been over a year since I had placed any cameras around my home and I had a gut feeling I might surprise something.

It has been my experience that the Bigfoot are curious the first time something new shows up. They did this with the cameras that I placed in the woods on many occasions. I would place a camera and the first couple weeks it was up they would mess with it, lick it, move it, stick their face right up to it, etc. Once their curiosity was satisfied they would either disable them or avoid them.

It did not take long for them to mess with this camera. I placed the camera outside on my deck railing around 8:00 PM EST on June 6th, 2016. The next day I found it knocked off onto the ground. During the day a squirrel had knocked it off the deck. There was one interesting sequence of pictures taken at 9:41 PM EST. Something appears to grab the camera and move it, then removes its "hand" and three clear shots are taken in IR. The second of the three has a familiar looking subject peering over the seven foot privacy fence from my neighbors backyard.

Backyard visitor 2011
Those aware of my research know I have had visitations at my residence over the years and they still visit and leave tell tell signs. Taking dog food, dead birds placed in odd areas, feathers, geometric stick formations, and the occasional single foot print.

My research areas are 25 miles away but this phenomenon is very common among long term researchers. It also happens to paranormal researchers as well when entities appear to "attach" themselves to the researcher and follow them home. The uninformed will be scratching their heads and skeptical, but this is the nature of the research. The unattended consequences that can happen.

Below is the video containing the still captures and my analysis.

Friday, June 10, 2016

LA Marzulli hints that he is testing Bigfoot Hair Samples for DNA - Could this be independent verification of Sasquatch Genome Study?

LA Maruzilli, author, film maker, and lecturer recently let a little nugget slip about Sasquatch DNA Testing. Speaking in late April of 2016 at the “Supernatural Crossroads Conference” in Indianpolis, LA Marzulli was ask if he thought the creature known as Bigfoot was actually a living Nephilim. LA, who has a series of videos called “The Watchers” said the following concerning Sasquatch DNA:  “Sasquatch is definitely Nephilim, we have hair samples that are being tested right now (April 2016), in two different labs, they have a language, they can materialize and dematerialize, we have had many accounts of that

Could this be the independent public verification of the Sasquatch Genome Study that we have been waiting for? I have spoken to LA on the phone a couple times. He is aware of the Sasquatch Genome Study, the circumstances, and the results. Will these results be published in his soon to be released video “Watchers 10”?? 

We have been here before, independent Lab does work that will verify our study, then refuses to go public. Obviously by lack of publication there is an admission that the study was verified, but political and professional pressures, threats of job loss, etc keep the information and results suppressed. Let’s pray LA will release his results no matter what the findings. I have a sneaky feeling his results will be “Human mtDNA and a strange unknown nuDNA that does not match any known species in the GenBank database”.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Limb Snaps - Bigfoot too close for Comfort

In April 2016 I had an encounter with something that was snapping large limbs extremely close to me. The problem was I could never locate the source.